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     Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties

    Grades (K‑12)


    Smart, Interactive Classrooms

    Our new smart, interactive learning environment is equipped with innovations, such as interactive projectors, an all-new wired and wireless network for high-speed Internet access throughout the district, an advanced fiber-optic network to support bandwidth intense applications, a new video distribution system, new audio systems, Google accounts for every student with unlimited storage and more.


    Laser Focus on Education

    We’re creating a college-going culture, starting as early as kindergarten. And as we talk to our students about their futures, we also provide the tools they’ll need to help make their dreams come true. From the gifted to those with special needs, our teaching team wants every student to achieve academic success. We’ve designed special programs to help students who struggle with reading or math, and offer free tutoring for all students at every grade level.

    Teaching is our top priority, and we just keep getting better at providing our students a quality education – the most important life investment they will ever make.


    Aggressive College Advisors

    By 2018, 62 percent of jobs in Michigan will require education beyond high school, but currently only 36.8 percent of Michigan adults, ages 25-64, hold an Associate degree or higher. Given these statistics, our full-time college advisors are on a mission: leverage their continuous training and relationships with recruiters to give every Hazel Park student a place to learn and grow after graduation.

    How do they do it? The advisors start at the beginning of each school year, meeting one-on-one with juniors and seniors to help them find colleges, universities or trade schools that best meet their goals and needs, using an approach called Match & Fit. Then the advisors aggressively help students find potential scholarships and grants, complete financial aid forms, fill out admissions applications, arrange for college/university tours, and introduce students to recruiters.

    And when they’re not talking to upperclassmen, they’re “planting the seeds” with the rest of the student body to motivate and inspire, working tirelessly to help every student find a path to success.


    Extracurricular Activities and

    Free Athletic Programs

    We believe in the whole student, so while other districts discontinue programs, we offer 60 different after-school activities and competitive sports programs at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. And for the student athlete...well, everyone plays for free. Yes, FREE! Hazel Park High School has a proud tradition of excellence in athletics — for over 80 years the Vikings have proudly competed in thousands of competitions all over Michigan. And our brand new athletic complex is the envy of most school districts!


    Caring Teaching Staff and a Safe Family Environment

    Many of our teachers, administrators and support staff members are graduates of Hazel Park High School, or have children or grandchildren that attend the schools. Some are current residents, as well. There’s a unique bond between our teachers, staff and students that gives each school the feeling of a family environment. The students’ success is a reflection of this, and also of the commitment and dedication of the teaching staff and administrators.

    The safety of every student is something the administration takes very seriously.





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