• Reproductive Health

    Elementary Parent Meetings for Human Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS
    Prevention and Personal Body Safety

             As parent (s) you have the right to view curriculum materials for Human Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Personal Body Safety (Sexual Abuse Prevention Kg., 1st, 3rd, 5th and Sexual Harassment and Sexting Awaren ess 5th ) prior to instruction.

    The Hazel Park School District is in the process of reviewing the sex education/reproductive health education program to better meet the needs of students as well as the standards of the community. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the following survey and share your thoughts with us.

    Please contact Ms. Bev Blair at bev.blair@hazelparkschools.org if you:

    1) Need to schedule an alternative time to view materials,
    2) Have any questions or concerns, or
    3) Would like to opt your child out of lesson presentations. If leaving a message, please be sure to indicate the name of your child, grade and school.